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The Candies Air Freshener by Show Spirit has a sweet aroma of strawberries and sweets, a smell that will enchant the most sweet tooth and that takes you back to childhood.

The new Show Spirit air fresheners are specially formulated for houses with dogs.
A product with mild and active ingredients, designed to eliminate bad odors without harming your pet, as it is non-toxic, respectful of their smell and is non-irritating.
You can spray it in the environment, on their beds, their carriers, blankets or clothes.
Unlike other common air fresheners, our Show Spirit air freshener is developed with beet molasses alcohol.
An alcohol that is not toxic, used even in food, which despite being softer maintains all its antiseptic properties.
It is free of artificial colors and aromas. Only the highest quality 100% natural essences are added to its production.

Content: 250ml

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