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Bags for snacks

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Even small accessory culd look as the most stylish product. We know it and because of it we created not only practic but also unique bags for snacks. You could reward Your dog each time it will make a trick.

The most fashionable velvet material with embroied Chloe’s Home logo looks amazing. It’s the end of stinky pockets of bags, jackets where you had dogs and cats snacks.

From outside it is made from material that resist less water, dust but it is mellow. Inside there is a material that is easy to clean. You could place bag for snacks to bag, leash or to clothes by ribbon or to the belt loop. Ribbing is protecting snacks to falling downand smell is saying inside the bag.

Size of this gab is ideal for small, mediu and big dogs while walking.

Bags for snacks BAHAMAS are available in 3 colors: pink, blue, grey.

Size: dimeter: 7cm, hight 8cm

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