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Reistas wings gold

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Reistas wings gold 

An elegant bag from the Wings collection in an urban style, thanks to the universal colors it will match most styles, its gold sequin wings add style. Handy shape with a cut-out for the head and mesh on the side to make your pet feel comfortable. Extremely soft and cozy interior will make every pet happy to cuddle in it. In addition, there is a strap with a carabiner so that your pet is always safe and does not jump out during the journey. From the outside, the bag is made of very practical fabric, so if you need it, all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. Thanks to the additional edging of the handles, they will not cut into your arm. On the outside there are three roomy pockets where you can store any accessories or delicacies of your little one.

- length 38cm, depth 18cm, height 27cm

Product features:

  • classic design
  • zippered
  • stain resistant
  • decorated with sequin wings
  • has three roomy pockets
  • material: polyester
  • color: black

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