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Baby trui

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The Funkylicious Baby Peach T-shirt is made of baby elastic knitting fabric, one of the softest and most pleasant fabrics available.
Is very comfortable, soft, it adapts very well to the little body of your prince or pricess.
Although this fabric is thin it protects very well from the cold.

Is decorated with bright Czech glass of very high quality and a satin bow to the tone of the shirt.

Available sizes:
 Size XXS (T1): neck 16cm / chest of 22-26 cm / length 20 cm.
 Size XS (T2): neck 19 cm / chest of 26-30 cm / length 22 cm.
 Size S (T3): neck 22 cm / chest of 30-34 cm / length 24 cm.
 Size S / M (T4): neck 24 cm / chest of 34-39 cm / length 27


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