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Strawberry Dog Macarons

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Strawberry Dog Macarons

This is our flagship Bonne et Filou product: - Handmade with premium human-grade ingredients in the USA -

Box of 6 dog macarons - 100% natural, corn-free, wheat-free ingredients -
No artificial coloring or preservatives
-Hard treat designed for a long-lasting chew - Shelf life of 12+ months | No need for refrigeration 
This packaging has been designed specifically for sales in retail. If you would like the packaging without a window (our legacy packaging), please select the "NO window" variant in this page. Ingredients: Base Recipe: Oat Flour, Honey, Coconut Oil All-Natural Strawberry Yogurt Filling Feeding Instructions: Our treats are hard, designed for a long-lasting chew For elderly or small dogs, we recommend breaking the treat in smaller pieces (by twisting both sides)
Made in United States of America

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