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Xmas Ginger Box 66 gr 2 pcs

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Xmas Ginger Box 66 gr 2 pcs

This product that you are looking at now is very special. It is a high quality complementary food for pets, made by hand - one by one - in the Dolci Impronte® laboratory.
Every single one of our masterpieces is therefore slightly different from each other.

Weight: 66gr
Measure:Box 12x12cm

Individually hand-packed with transparent food box, embellished with a Dolci Impronte personalized ribbon, bow and Dolci Impronte tag.

Complementary food for pets.

Serve at room temperature at a rate of 10% of the daily ration of the daily diet with plenty of fresh water.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Preservation time before opening: 8 months from the production date.

Before use, check the ingredients in case of known allergies.

Composition: Cereal flour (soft wheat), butter, eggs, preservatives: E200 Sorbic acid, E202 Potassium sorbate.
Analytical components: Starch 36.50%, Total sugars expressed as sucrose 33.598%, Fat content 13.20%, Humidity 7.96%, Crude proteins 7.33%, Crude fiber 0.56%, Lactose 0.010%.
Decoration and filling with products from the pastry industry.