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Dog cushion donut cuddly nest creme

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Dog cushion donut cuddly nest creme

Dog bed puppy bed donut LOOP for small dogs & large dogs - it can hardly be more cuddly, softer & fluffy!

This fluffy soft loop dog bed invites you to cuddle up and relax.

At the same time, this dog bed offers security due to its shape - not only puppies feel comfortable here, it is also a perfect sleep for all dogs or cats - and cuddles.

For a particularly high cuddle factor, this dog bed is completely covered with soft faux fur plush. Sturdy on the inside but soft and noiseless filled with polyfiber flakes and foam sticks.

Quilted and filled enough, this donut is also healthy for the bones and joints.

The outer fabric is a real hand and paw flatterer. Incredibly soft and cuddly to the touch, classy and crunchy in appearance. Insensitive and resistant to pet hair Simply shake it off is enough to get hair, lint etc. off the cover.

Wet rags, sponges with soap soap...

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€ 79,95