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dermacton zeep

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  • Advanced Itch-Free Dermacton formula
  • Naturally derived ingredients – FREE from SLS & SLES and synthetic perfumes
  • Antibacterial & antifungal – Great for deodorising
  • Easy to Use and economical- equivalent to a 500ml bottle of shampoo!
  • Rich, creamy lather and very easy to rinse out. Leaves the coat healthy & soft.
  • Hypoallergenic and ‘NOT a soap!’ – 100% Soap free.

Professionally recommended Shampoo for dogs with itchy & irritated skin which really works! - 

A highly effective natural Shampoo bar, containing our highly successful Dermacton anti-itch formula. Perfect for dogs with dry, itchy & irritated skin.
The Dermacton Shampoo removes dirt & allergens from the skin & coat without stripping out the natural oils. It is PH balanced to work in harmony with your dog's skin. Perfect for bathing dogs with sensitive skin, soothing without the need for harsh chemicals, and leaves the coat & skin looking healthy, and smelling great!

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€ 22,50
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