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Designer Collar

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Designer Collar

Do you want to show off your pet with a luxurious, gorgeous and unique pet collar?

Your dog or cat needs to wear our stunning, luxury Designer Collar. Our beautiful leather collar is only for the most fashionable pets.

Our Designer Collars have three Designer theme charms and 4 crystal black/gold studs.

The charms are interchangeable so you can swap out the charms/tags for a holiday, special occasion or just for a different look.

Our Designer Dog Collar makes the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Our custom dog collars are also bestsellers for new puppy gifts because they are unique and high quality, but also affordable.

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s-28-34 cm- gaatjes 1,27 breed

m-32-38-cm 1,27 breed

l-36-44 cm 2,70  

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