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Katie Rose Poop Bag Dispenser

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Katie Rose Poop Bag Dispenser

Say bye bye to your impractical (and probably ugly) waste bag holder.
We forgive you and we’re happy to report that those days are over.
Designed to help you Be Free Forever while on the go with a pup who needs to go, the BFF Mini™ is the must have accessory for turning shit into style, all while keeping you perfectly hands free. Not just pretty to look at (because that would be lame), the BFF Minis™ are both durable and functional.
Each bag has been crafted to hold your waste bag roll plus keys, treats, chapstick, tissues, etc. And because we take our pups everywhere (and we mean everywhere), we’ve created each BFF Mini™ to come equipped with a credit card slot! Pawfect!
* 100% Premium Grade Vegan Leather
* 100% Organic
* Cruelty Free
* Fully lined interior
* Clips on to your leash
* Easily pull bags out of the gold grommet
* Lightweight and compact

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